Even though the e:N SUV concept was unveiled about two months ago, we still can't wrap our heads around the idea it's a Honda. The edgy vehicle recently made an appearance at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China, looking like no other Honda before it. We are keeping in mind it's a concept car that will go through changes on its way to the assembly line, but even so, it is a whole new look compared to what the company is selling these days.

With more and more electric spin-offs entering the automotive industry, perhaps the e:N SUV and the other two concepts intended for China might make more sense to form the portfolio of a separate brand. That way, there wouldn't be such a discrepancy between the company's current designs and the overly sharp appearance depicted here. Honda is labelling these cars as part of the new e:N Series, so perhaps it’s enough of a distinction.

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If you're wondering why the concept's windows are all blacked out – including the windscreen – it's because the interior cabin has not been revealed so far. It's likely due to the reason the zero-emissions SUV won't go on sale anytime soon. Honda previously said the e:N SUV, e:N GT, and the e:N Coupe will hit the market in China within the next five years.

Of the three, logic tells us the SUV will be the first to go on sale in the People's Republic to capitalise on the growing popularity of electric crossovers. These EVs will be made by the local Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda joint ventures and sold at dedicated areas within approximately 1,200 existing dealerships. It is worth mentioning some of the e:N models developed and manufactured in China will be exported, but it's too soon to say whether this wild SUV will be one of them.