The McLaren Long Tail Series family tree isn't exactly huge. The granddaddy was the F1 GTR Longtail, while the 675LT was its son that it should be very proud of. The 600LT was next, but the biggest star of them all is also the youngest, the 765LT that replaced the 675LT in McLaren's Long Tail Super Series.

But how far different, or rather, how much did the 765LT improve over the 675LT's greatest traits? The race track would be the best place to compare these wonderful machines. In the meantime, see how they compare in a straight-line race, courtesy of France's Pog on YouTube.

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Before you watch the drag race above, you should know that we've seen a matchup before. The McLaren 675LT faced the 720S in a drag race, with the latter not giving the old-timer a chance. And since the 765LT is the more powerful, track-focused version of the 720S, we all know how this race would have ended.

More so when you see the numbers. As with most of the McLarens of the 2010s, the name represents the overall power output in metric figures. The 675LT makes 666 bhp (496 kilowatts) and 516 pound-feet (700 Newton-metres) of torque.

The 765LT, on the other hand, produces up to 755 bhp (563 kW) and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm) of pulling power. The 765LT is also lighter than the 675LT, though in the race above it had a passenger so it's kind of even.

The 675LT is by no means a slow car, but it pales in comparison to its successor. At this point, we all know who won this straight-line duel but how far was the gap? Watch the video atop this page to find out, along with a bonus clip showing a Lamborghini Aventador burning its clutch.