With the XM Concept, BMW previewed only its second standalone M model in its history, which should hit the assembly lines in late 2022. It will be a distinctively-looking, performance hybrid SUV which will take the flagship position in the company’s utility lineup. According to a new report, however, the XM won’t be the only large SUV joining BMW’s lineup in the coming years.

In a new article, providing an unofficial roadmap of the upcoming Bimmers, AutoBild claims the X8 is also still in the cards for a market launch next year. It will be positioned as a coupe-SUV alternative to the X7 but we expect it to sit below the XM in terms of power and price. In fact, the German publication says a starting price of approximately €100,000 (roughly £85,000 at the current exchange rates) can be expected.

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For comparison, the current X6 M starts at £118,050 in the United Kingdom, but this is a fully-fledged Competition M model. In turn, the XM is expected to cost a lot more, probably close to the £130,000 mark. Bear in mind this is just an assumption for now as BMW hasn’t announced anything regarding the XM’s pricing.

Back to the X8, we’ve spied it testing on public roads a number of times and it looked absolutely massive. At some point, we thought that these prototypes were actually previewing the production version of the XM, though now it seems that there are two new large SUVs coming. Don’t take everything said above as a fact, however, as this new report doesn’t provide enough insider information to convince us about its credibility.

As for the XM, BMW will try to allure new customers to the brand with the performance SUV, more precisely, "non-conformist" and "extroverted” customers. For good or bad, the production version will retain about 90 percent of the concept’s design and will be powered by a plug-in hybrid V8 powertrain with about 740 bhp (552 kilowatts).