Tragic news recently from one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Shortly before noon local time at Niagara Falls, New York, USA reports came in about a black car that was in the Niagara River, headed towards the brink of the falls. A single woman in her late 60s was recovered from the car just 50 metres from the edge, but sadly she was pronounced dead.

How the car ended up in the river is unknown at this point, as the investigation is ongoing. According to WIVB 4 news, snow was falling in the area and roads were slippery at the time reports of the car started coming in. Speaking to reporters at the scene, New York State Park Police Captain Christopher Rola explained that, due to the fast current and water depth at that point in the river, a standard water rescue wasn't possible. The US Coast Guard was called in, arriving with a helicopter and a rescue diver to extract the woman. She was the only occupant in the car, and her exact cause of death hasn't been released.

The car is believed to have entered the river between a vehicle bridge and pedestrian bridge near the brink of the falls on the American side. As of now, the car is still in the river but recovery plans are underway. WIVB 4 reports The New York Power Authority lowered the water level in the river prior to the Coast Guard rescue, though it's unclear if there's still a chance the car could go over the brink. The car hasn't been identified, and with just the roof visible, we can't quite place it either.

The video at the top of the article shows just how close the car is to the edge. According to local authorities, this is the closest a vehicle has ever been to the brink of Niagara Falls.