Ask any Bimmer fanatic which is the best BMW M5 ever and more likely the E39 name will come up. Fact is, the E39 generation of the M5 is arguably the best-driving four-door saloon ever built.

Its understated looks were nothing to scoff at, while its non-extravagant set of '90s tech features and six-speed manual gearbox made for a pure, ultimate driving machine. It's also the first M5 to use aluminium front suspension components and a rear multi-link suspension.

Gallery: E39 BMW M5

But probably the best thing about the E39 M5 was its engine. It's the first M-badged BMW to use a V8 – the 4.9-litre naturally aspirated S62 V8 mill that puts out 394 bhp (294 kilowatts) and 369 pound-feet (500 Newton-metres) of torque.

So how can you make the best even better? Well, apparently adding a supercharger does the trick, along with other modifications that made this tuned E39 M5. YouTuber AutoTopNL had one for a series of tests (video embedded atop this article) and it's hard to deny that it sounds absolutely insane, whether from inside the car or from the outside.

Moreover, this supercharged M5's final output is 600 bhp. To test out the number in the real world, AutoTopNL put the M5 to a series of tests, including several acceleration runs and sound checks.

The tuned M5 also visited the German Autobahn for a top speed run. With so much power at the driver's disposal, it almost maxed out its speedometer, reaching 300 kilometres per hour (186 miles per hour) with so much ease. It sounded like it can still do more but the video was cut short after that to make way for the incredible flyby shot.