When it comes to scaled-down automotive collectibles, there are generally two camps. One side wants as much detail as possible, while the other appreciates the essence of the basic shape. Of course, these philosophies aren't mutually exclusive, but this lineup of mini Land Rover Defender models certainly embraces the basic form of the iconic off-roader over all else.

That was the goal of Land Rover's design team in creating this new series of scale-model Defenders. Simply called the Land Rover Defender Icon Model, collectors can choose between three colours including Gloss Black, Gondwana Stone, and Pangea Green. Of those, Pangea Green stands out as not being a solid colour overall, sporting a white roof with white wheels for a little extra pop.

That's pretty much as detailed as these small replicas get, save for black glass and lights to set those areas apart from the body. For those who really want a pure form-over-function interpretation, the black model is truly a monotone Defender showcasing its shape. Prominent body features such as the wing/fender vents, bonnet lines, and grille with an offset badge are also represented.

Gallery: Land Rover Defender Icon Models

The models measure just 17 cm (6.5 inches) long, and yes, they were designed by the company as opposed to a third party. Land Rover Design Director Massimo Frascella and the Land Rover design team specifically created the models to emphasise the Defender's basic shape and iconic features. A quote from Frascella on Land Rover's website summarises the effort, stating "the adventurous spirit of Land Rover is expressed through the Icon Model's characteristic form and attention to detail, while its simplicity gives a timeless quality to the design."

The three Land Rover Defender Icon models are listed on Land Rover's accessories website for £65 each. There's no mention of quantity or limited production so presumably, Land Rover will make as many as people want. With the models being a product of the automaker's design team, we can certainly see Land Rover enthusiasts being particularly interested in these cool keepsakes.