The Morgan Plus Four CX-T seems like one of the most fun cars you could own. It's just a shame the British brand is only making eight of them and selling them each for £170,000. This video provides a taste of what it's like to drive this limited-edition off-roader.

The CX-T takes inspiration from Morgan's success in hill climbs and trials in the early 20th century. It starts as a Plus Four but extensive modifications transform the vehicle from a sports car into something an owner can take off-road

Gallery: Morgan Plus Four CX-T

The aesthetic tweaks include new inlets at the front and a tow hook. There's an external roll cage over the passenger compartment. Several spotlights are on the roof, and you can stow the upper parts of the doors there, too. The rear section now holds two full-sized spare tyres, extra fuel, water tanks, a toolbox, and luggage cases for hauling lots of other gear.

The CX-T shares most of the running gear with the Plus Four. A BMW-sourced 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder that makes 255 bhp (190 kilowatts) and runs through a six-speed manual. The rear differential uses BMW's X-Drive electronic controls with settings for fully open, 45 percent lock, and 100 percent lock. 

Even with the modest power, this video shows that the CX-T is chuckable and easy to slide off-road. The host notes that with the upper door sections off when you slide to the left mud and debris fly into the driver's face. A pair of old-school driving goggles might be a solution and would look cool, too.

To help it perform so well off-road, the CX-T rides on EXE-TC coilovers. It uses wishbones from the Plus Six to widen the track. All-terrain tires provide grip on dirt and gravel.

Given the fantastic reaction to the CX-T, we wonder if Morgan might make something like it a regular part of the lineup. A model with the tweaks to the drivetrain, suspension, and wheels but without all of the off-road gear has the potential of being a popular offering. Plus, the engineering work on the parts is already done.