Stuttgart has something for Porsche-philes, current owner or not. Porsche Digital has launched a new feature called VIN Art Configurator. Enthusiasts can now immortalise their dream sports car through high-quality posters, which they can display wherever they see fit. Even better, the feature isn't exclusive to Porsche owners.

"With our VIN Art portraits, we are bringing that Porsche feeling into the living room. In addition to the innovative solution, it was particularly important to ensure efficient usability of the configurator, as well as the individuality of the portrait," says Stefan Zerweck, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Porsche Digital.

Gallery: VIN Art Portrait for Porsche Vehicles

Through the VIN Art Configurator website, Porsche owners must enter their vehicle identification numbers to pull up a number of poster design that were specifically made for their cars. Once the design has been chosen, owners can then choose their preferred size. Choices range from a small portrait for desks, up to a huge poster for the garage. A suspension for wall mounting or a stand can also be ordered with the final product.

For non-Porsche owners, the Porsche Car Configurator produces a Porsche code, which can be used to pull up specific designs made for the dream sports car. Already ordered your Porsche 911? You can request for your Porsche code from the dealer and create your art portrait before your sports coupe even arrives.

The VIN Art Configurator supports all Porsche vehicles from model year 2016. The posters are made from a high-quality, thin aluminium plate with a smooth, high-gloss surface. Porsche said that the aluminium plate is ready for outdoor use as it is light, scratch-resistant, and water-repellent.

Porsche didn't disclose the price for the VIN Art portraits but we can expect them to be pricey based on the quality of materials touted by the automaker.