When it comes to off-road ability, only a few will ever doubt the Toyota Land Cruiser's capability. Whether it's the venerable 40 Series, the everlasting 70 Series, or the all-new 300 Series, these SUVs can take on tough terrain even right out the box. Because of that, you can only imagine just how good these Land Cruisers can get once the mods start coming in. Case in point, Arctic Trucks.

Yes, as early as now, Arctic Trucks have given its touches to the already capable SUV. The end result is a Land Cruiser that looks unstoppable in the snow, forest, or desert. Much like previous Arctic Trucks models, the 300 Series has undergone radical upgrades under the chassis to make it fit the the off-road tuner's signature touch.

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Because of its massively re-engineered suspension, Arctic Trucks needed to change the geometry of the front end and the wheel arches. Additional reinforcements were made to the suspension mounts to cope with the rough conditions these SUV will likely face. Beefier dampers and springs are part of the package, along with a wider track for a better footprint on loose surfaces. Not only that, Arctic Trucks managed to preserve the adaptive suspension system, so it will keep functioning despite the heavy modifications.

All these upgrades mean the Land Cruiser AT35 has a minimum ground clearance of 260 mm (10.2-inches) for the diesel version. Opt for gas power and that goes up by a little to 270 mm (10.6 inches). For reference, the standard Land Cruiser has a ground clearance range of 220 mm, diesel (8.6 inches) to 230 mm, gas (9.0 inches). The AT35 also gets extra anti-corrosion coating under the chassis.

Since Arctic Trucks can do this to the all-new Land Cruiser, we're curious if they can do the same to the redesigned LX600. After all, they've done it to the LX570, so it's exciting to see what the off-road specialist can do to the new Lexus.