Many automakers have come and gone over the last 111 years, yet Morgan Motor Company has persevered. The company’s quirky designs and unusual construction material – wood – have allowed the company to flourish. The iconic Morgan 3 Wheeler ended production in August, though the company is already developing its replacement, teasing an engineering prototype in September. Today, the company has a new teaser about its next three-wheeler.

The latest video is a bit more abstract than the prototype photos, showing off several never-before-seen sketches taken from the drawing boards of Morgan’s design team. The illustrations show a variety of trike designs that take the three-wheeled machine in new directions without compromising the company’s unique aesthetic and history. No single sketch previews the next model, though many contain some key styling elements that the company will reveal with the new three-wheeler in 2022.

Gallery: New Morgan 3 Wheeler

The sketches are littered with notes such as “Sense of flight,” “Functional face,” “Closed nose,” “Advanced aero,” and more. One even previewed a “Touring option” that incorporated a small windscreen. Morgan says there will be an “extensive list” of accessories and other items available at launch, which will make the new model its most configurable vehicle the company has ever offered. While the sketches paint a plethora of possibilities, the engineering prototype teased earlier this year did reveal quite a bit about the model.

It provided our first look at the design, even if Morgan tried to hide it under a camouflage wrap. We also learned that the next-gen 3 Wheeler would arrive with a Ford-sourced naturally aspirated three-cylinder engine. We don’t know specs nor the gearbox it will pair to, though the development prototype did show the new model with a closed nose that no longer exposes the powertrain. The new 3 Wheeler looks like a Morgan, though we can’t wait for the camouflage to disappear to see the creation in all its glory.