Friends, this isn't the first time we've seen pink Porsches. Actually, don't call these Porsches pink. For that matter, don't call them Porsches at all. The photos featured here were created using one single Porsche Taycan, finished in a high-gloss coat of Frozen Berry.

The curious series of images come from noted photographer Tomek Makolski. Previously, he's experimented with Lego Porsche models in some cool images but this time around the cars are real. That is, the car is real, as he took a single Frozen Berry Taycan across the European countryside in search of locations with colourful, visual distinctiveness. Porsche was intrigued by Makolski and how he might interpret the Taycan, so with the automaker's blessing, he set out on an epic road trip.

Gallery: Porsche Taycan Photography By Tomek Makolski

"After the Lego projects, we were talking about doing something new together and Porsche suggested the idea of shooting the Taycan," said Makolski. "It made me think about the future of mobility and the goal of the series became to show electric cars being that much more prevalent on the streets."

Given the rarity of the Taycan, never mind the rarity of anything from Porsche painted Frozen Berry, showcasing such prevalence required photographing the same car over and over in the same frame of reference. That means every car you see required its own photo, followed by repositioning for another photo. And another. All while finding backdrops that were both picturesque and complementary to the Taycan's eye-catching exterior finish. The photos were then combined and retouched with minimal adjustments, creating the gallery featured above.

"I had a few locations scouted and found some more while on the road just by doing research," he explained. "I hadn’t even planned to go to Monaco initially, but my old assistant had just finished a job there and really wanted to be part of the project. In the end, I got a really nice shot across the city to the coast. And from there we decided to go to Marseille. I’d never been and it was amazing, a truly eclectic mix of beautiful modern architecture and old buildings. It looked great, the light was stunning and the Taycan got so much attention there."

All in all, the 1,900-mile adventure spanned Germany, Austria, France, and Monaco before returning to Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart.