New Holland is a well-known company in the world of agriculture with over a century of history to its name. From small farm attachments to large industrial machines, New Holland equipment is found on farms around the world but you won't find a machine like this curious concept tractor. It's called the Straddle, and there's a good reason for its very organic, non-tractor appearance.

Credit for that goes to Pininfarina, the same Italian company that's credited with all sorts of exotic car designs over the years. Pininfarina even designed the Motor1 logo you see on our website, and now the famous brand has its sights on a futuristic electric tractor. According to New Holland, the Straddle is aimed specifically for vineyards where care must be taken to clear narrow paths without damaging grapes or the vines they come from. You might say it's a very posh job worthy of a posh tractor, hence the Pininfarina connection.

Gallery: New Holland Straddle Concept Tractor Designed By Pininfarina

How posh are we talking? The tall, tapering cab is said to draw inspiration from a champagne flute – wider at the top as it grows narrow at the base. The wraparound glass is also an homage to the bottle, all while providing exceptional visibility. The forward-angled cab and flattened, streamlined body evokes the sporty lines of cars, conveying "dynamism" in this tractor. There's something you probably never expected to hear regarding a piece of farm equipment.

Does this mean Lamborghini has exotic competition in its tractor division? The Straddle is just a concept at this point, and Hew Holland doesn't offer details regarding the tractor other than to say it's electric and points to the future.

"Our ground-breaking straddle tractor concept offers a glimpse into the future that premium wine growers with narrow, high-value vineyards can aspire to," said Carlo Lambro, New Holland Brand President. "It is the result of New Holland’s long history of excellence in vineyards across the world, combined with the inspired innovation of legendary design house Pininfarina. It is testament to New Holland’s constant striving to develop new solutions to meet the most specialised needs of our customers, and foretells a further expansion of our extensive offering – the widest in the industry."