We've known for quite a while that the Bentley Bentayga will get a long-wheelbase version. Rumours have been swirling around for a few years, but it wasn't confirmed until last year when its prototype was spied for the first time. The last time a prototype was caught wandering in the wild was earlier this year. Reports about its 2021 arrival also surfaced, but it looks like the launch has been delayed.

Our spy photographers caught the long-wheelbase Bentayga again in the wild. This time, the limousine SUV is seen during cold-weather testing in Sweden. Despite the 'Beyond 100' wrapping, the prototype struggles to hide its elongated rear doors.

Gallery: Bentley Bentayga Long Wheelbase Cold-Weather Testing

The Bentayga isn't exactly short. It is 5,140 millimetres long with a 2,995-mm wheelbase. The upcoming elongated version will grow beyond those numbers, catering to markets like China and the Middle East.

As we all know, the former has a strong preference for long-wheelbase versions, prompting automakers to release China-exclusive long versions of their cars to capture the increasingly rising automotive market. Examples of these cars include the Mercedes C-Class LWB and the BMW 5 Series Li.

That said, we don't expect the Bentayga LWB version to be visually different from its regular counterparts. It will adopt the current facelifted model's design, though cabin appointments could differ with its roomier second row and as its target market dictates.

As for the powertrain, that is yet to be confirmed. Current choices are the V8 and the W12, as well as a hybrid version. The V8 and the hybrid should be the likely candidates since the W12 commands a hefty premium due to taxes.

Since there are only a few weeks left this year, we're expecting Bentley to unveil the long-wheelbase Bentley Bentayga during the first half of 2022.