Lexus has updated its gorgeous LC model for 2022, offering customers a new £100,000 Black Inspiration version in the process. It’s the second time Lexus has revamped the flagship Coupe and Convertible models, making changes to the suspension in a bid to improve ride comfort and handling.

To that end, the LC Coupe now has slightly different front and rear suspension settings, tuned to “give the driver a better sense of the car being in contact with the road”, while there’s also a more linear steering response and changes to the steering effectiveness. As a result, Lexus claims the coupe now has more responsive handling and a “closer sense of connection between driver and car”.

Lexus has also tweaked the driving modes, modifying ‘Normal’ mode to make it more refined and comfortable, while the sportier S+ mode is designed to offer “more exhilarating performance”, with improved body control and “more rhythmical” handling.

Lexus LC 2022 2

Other tweaks include a new shift lock mechanism to prevent accidental shifts from neutral to ‘D’ (drive) or ‘R’ (reverse), while the front seats are designed to be more comfortable than before. However, the highlight is arguably the arrival of the new Black Inspiration model, which is available across the range.

The new special model comes with Graphite Black paintwork, matched with glossy black trim on the grille, door mirrors and even the light cluster surrounds, replacing the usual chrome trim. The specification is based on the LC Sport Plus Pack, which means there’s leather upholstery, a Mark Levinson surround sound system and a head-up display. The cars also benefit from a fixed rear spoiler and 21-inch black alloy wheels.

Lexus LC Black Inspiration 2022 2

The LC Black Inspiration will also come with performance features including a Torsen limited-slip differential and dynamic rear steering. There’s also variable-ratio steering and a range of safety systems, plus a heated steering wheel, heated front seats and adaptive suspension.

Customers will be able to order the LC Black Inspiration in a choice of body styles and with a choice of engines. The Coupe will be offered in 500h V6 hybrid form and V8 500 guise, with the former offering 354 bhp and the latter churning out 457 bhp. The Convertible, however, will solely be offered in V8-powered 500 guise.

Prices start at £99,550 for both the LC 500h and LC 500 Black Inspiration versions, while the LC 500 Convertible Black Inspiration model will be priced at £102,725.

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