American tuner and hypercar manufacturer Hennessey announced plans for something "out of this world" on the occasion of celebrating the Venom F5's sold-out status back in August. As it turns out, the Texas-based company was only half-joking because it is working on "Project Deep Space." It won't be flying out of our atmosphere anytime soon, but it does promise to deliver some rather unworldly technical specifications.

Dubbed as being a "Hyper-GT" much like Koenigsegg's Gemera, the low-slung coupe with massive gullwing doors has no fewer than six wheels, each powered by an electric motor. Yes, Hennessey is working on a six-motor EV developed with practicality in mind. It will accommodate four people and a set of golf clubs for each person sitting inside the unusual cabin with a 1+2+1 layout. Think McLaren F1 / Speedtail or Gordon Murray’s T.50, but with a third row.

Hennessey Project Deep Space

Now, about that rearmost seat. Hennessey wants everyone to know it's not just a VIP seat, but a VVIP seat for, yes, you've guessed it, a Very Very Important Person. And no, we're not joking. In case you haven't noticed, the passenger relaxing in the back actually has the best seat since that person will be lying completely flat, providing the comfort of an extra-long luxury saloon.

The six-wheel-drive, zero-emissions monster features a full carbon fibre body and chassis to keep the weight low, along with the "highest quality materials" for the interior. We've checked the calendar multiple times and we are fairly certain it’s not April Fools' Day, so Project Deep Space is happening.

However, it won't be going into production until 2026 after the last Venom F5 is assembled. Only 105 units will be made at a cool $3 million (approx. £2,250,000) a pop.