Vilner modified another Tesla Model 3 and opted for a very different look than the previous one. This time, the customisation firm fits a high-class-looking mix of grey fabrics and dark brown leather.

This Model 3 extensively uses a tartan fabric with a dark grey pattern over a light grey background. This material covers the centre parts of the seats, door panels, dashboard, a section of the roof, and the lower spoke of the steering wheel.

Gallery: Tesla Model 3 By Vilner

For contrast, there's another textile in a matching grey colour scheme but without the tartan pattern. It appears on sections of the seats, door panels, A-pillars, and roof.

Dark brown leather adds a different texture than the fabric that covers much of the rest of the cabin. Grey stitching unifies it with the rest of the colour scheme, though. The hides cover portions of the steering wheel, centre console, door handles, and seats.

The result of all of these changes is a very fashionable and high-class cabin. While Tesla only offers the Model 3 with a cabin in white or black from the factory, Vilner is able to offer more textures and shades for its personalised creations. The result might not fit everyone's taste, but that's the whole point of a customised vehicle like this.

According to Vilner, Tesla makes a product with great technology, but for the interior, "the quality is average and you don’t get a variety of choices." Therefore, the company sees a niche in taking the EV brand's models and improving their cabins.

Gallery: Tesla Model 3 by Vilner

Vilner's previous work on the Model 3 (above) had a much more colourful appearance. It included turquoise houndstooth fabric on the seats and a material in a matching colour on the doors. There were also bright orange accents throughout the cabin and light-coloured wood trim on the dashboard.