For the first time, we are seeing Ferrari test the Purosangue in the crossover's production body, rather than using a modified Maserati Levante to conceal the vehicle's appearance. Unfortunately, the engineers cover the model with lots of black material to hide the styling.

Ferrari gives the Purosangue a coupe-like shape. In front, there's a curved bonnet that dips downward at the front. The headlights seem to be small and have a sharp shape. Large inlets dominate the fascia.

Gallery: Ferrari Purosangue Production Body Spy Photos

From the side, you can see the long bonnet and flowing roofline. At least in these photos, the ride height looks fairly low. You're not going to be doing much off-roading with it unless an air suspension allows for lifting the body quite a bit.

The tail has a blunt shape, and the covering over the body hides the design details. Dual exhausts come out of each side of the rear end, and there's a glimpse at a diffuser below the pipes.

An earlier spy video showed the Purosangue driving silently, which heavily suggested that the model was using a hybrid powertrain. This might be the PHEV twin-turbo V6 from the 296 GTB that makes 818 bhp (610 kilowatts) and 546 pound-feet (740 Newton-metres) of torque.

There is also a rumour of Ferrari offering the Purosangue with a V12 engine. Although, it's not clear whether this model would be available at launch or would be a special variant to launch later.

Ferrari announced the Purosangue in 2018 and promised a full debut before the end of 2022. The brand said the powertrain range was going to include a hybrid and a purely internal combustion engine.

The Purosangue rides on Ferrari's new Front Mid Engine Architecture. The powerplant sits ahead of the driver but behind the front axle. A dual-clutch gearbox is at the rear for better weight distribution. There's all-wheel drive.