Perhaps many of you have been sitting in a car that was parked on top of a moving trailer. That’s a rather interesting situation where the vehicle is sitting stationary and when the truck goes over a bump, there’s a very weird feeling for an ultra-luxurious ride in the vehicle’s cabin, regardless of its make and model. Why is that happening?

The team at Garage 54 has the theory that it’s because of the double suspension and it decided to recreate that layout on an actual working car. Well, it’s not a road-legal one but an old and rusty Lada that’s been used for different mechanical experiments. From what we are able to see, the white saloon is from the 2104 model, and at the beginning of the video, it is still equipped with its stock suspension. In front of it is a Volga-sourced front axle which has to be modified to fit the smaller track of the Lada.

The idea is simple, at least on paper. The mechanics have to tweak the suspension in a way that it could attach to the existing factory Lada suspension. They want to have the car’s springs work in conjunction with the springs that come as a part of the Volga suspension. Garage 54 calls this a double-decker suspension and the video at the top of this page shows the car being prepared to receive this upgraded suspension setup.

Of course, that’s not an easy job. Not only the suspension has to be modified but also the entire body of the car, which includes cutting the rear quarter panels. It’s a tricky task as the Lada is rear-wheel drive but it receives a suspension from an FWD car. The result? Well, we don’t have the right words to describe it so early in the morning but it seems that this Frankenstein on wheels is working properly.