Here is an example of something that appears to happen more often that we thought it would, as EV drivers were supposed to have some EV etiquette.

It occurred at an ordinary charging station with AC Level 2 charging points in the US (date unknown). According to Wham Baam Dangercam's video, a Tesla car was actively charging, while another EV driver appeared and decided to disconnect it.

It seems that the woman then started her own session and tried to connect a Kia Soul EV. Everything was recorded by the Tesla Sentry Mode.

At a later point, the Tesla driver reportedly recognised the same Kia and left printed pictures of the woman "stealing the charger" under the windscreen wiper with info "If you really need it, please leave us a note next time."

In recent weeks we have seen a few such videos, including a BMW i3 driver and a Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid driver (that one was bizarre).

Well, maybe that's just human nature and until everything is recorded and everyone will be conscious about being recorded, we will see more and more such events.