Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, just like any other infrastructure, is exposed to vandalism. Here we can see an example, recorded by a Tesla Model 3 in Croatia. It's not a new video (probably from 2020), but we haven't caught it previously.

According to the Wham Baam Dangercam's video, two drunk men came out of a bar and hopped in their car. They started to drive off... but ultimately, decided to park their car at one of the stalls at Ionity charging station!

It's exactly a scenario when an emergency charge port ejector would be a nice thing to have, just in case to quickly leave without the necessity to disconnect the plug manually.

The duo tried to connect their conventional car to the Ionity charger and even managed to stuff the plug into the car's fuel inlet.

The next step was to rev the car engine... to improve the charging process we guess.

Meanwhile, the Tesla driver called police and - according to the video - heard: "What can we do about it?"

The two men continued their "charging session" with a little bit more beer, before leaving.

The next day, it turned out that the particular charger is "predictably" broken, which probably means that the plug was damaged - and those are not cheap things. Thankfully, they haven't destroyed the entire stall.

Well, the story might be a little bit humorous in the aspect of connecting a conventional car to a charger, but overall it's actually quite sad.