The Protec Q18 is a German motorhome that is absolutely full of interesting features. The most notable thing is that there are two slide-out panels that add nearly 1.2 metres (4 feet) of width to increase the living space when it's time to stop and rest.

The video above is in German, but the visuals are self-explanatory enough to understand what's happening.

The Q18 gets its name from the 18 square metres (193.8 square feet) of interior space. Power extending steps offer a way into the vehicle, and this motorhome has everything you could want on the inside.

One of the most surprising features is something you don't usually see on a motorhome that's this size. There are separate areas for the shower and the toilet. While this might seem like a big deal at first though, it means that someone can be cleaning up and another person can use the toilet simultaneously.

Farther back, there's the main sleeping area that includes a raised bed. The area also has an opening panel in the roof for enjoying a view of the stars. Cupboards provide a place to store clothing.

The kitchen includes a large sink and a gas cooktop with three burners. The other amenities include a coffeemaker, oven, freezer, and refrigerator, which seems like everything a person could need. A large table appears to be big enough to seat at least six people.

A second sleeping area is above the driving cockpit.

The Q18 is based on the Iveco Daily. It has an engine making 207 bhp (155 kilowatts) and  347 pound-feet (470 Newton-metres). There's an eight-speed automatic that sends power to a dual-wheel rear axle with a locking differential.

Underneath the main sleeping area, you can see an access point to the dog kennel, and there's another opening for it on a rear door of the exterior. The storage area on the other side holds a small camping stove and a slide-out TV.