Welcome to the world of bizarre combinations. What does Tesla have in common with coffee and high-powered automatic weapons? That would be this very unlikely Model X, built by Black Rifle Coffee Company and featured on the YouTube channel FullMag.

The first question you probably have is, why in the blue hell would anyone do this? Actually, you may recall a recent article from our colleagues at InsideEvs featuring a, um, test of the bulletproof glass in a Tesla Model X. This is the same vehicle, rebuilt after that session and modified to make sure nobody dares to shoot out the windscreen ever again. Also, it will be used as a promotional car for Black Rifle Coffee Company at events and coffee shop openings. In that role, it will certainly garner attention.

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That's also why a full coffee bar is mounted behind the pair (yes, pair) of miniguns. We'll talk about those in a moment, but the coffee portion of this Model X build deserves at least a little bit of coverage. Pop the hatch and you'll find everything you need to make the caffeinated beverage of your dreams, be it an espresso, mocha, or just a coffee with sugar. Don't want a hot drink? The front trunk in this battle-themed Model X is modified with drain holes and ready for a load of iced coffee. Hey, it's better than filling up the frunk with shrimp.

Of course, the main attraction here involves two 5.56 miniguns that slide out on a custom mount with the push of a button. That's certainly a unique application for the Model X's powered gullwing doors, and yes, those are real guns. Cranked up at full speed, each minigun can fire 4,000 rounds per minute. To put that into perspective, with both guns blazing this Model X can fire nearly twice as many bullets as an A-10 Thunderbolt II attack jet. Mind you, the A-10 is a jet so wicked it was literally designed around its gun.

Is it absurd? Absolutely. Is it even legal? We have no idea what all is involved when it comes to regulations regarding such projects, but one doesn't simply walk into a department store and buy a minigun. Considering this is designed to be a show car for the coffee company, don't ever expect to see it on the street.

But if you do, don't make it angry.