Nissan has been quite vocal since it unveiled the new Z back in August, with the sports car's chief engineer saying the 370Z successor won't chase numbers as it will be more about smiles per hour rather than miles per hour. The Japanese brand has also launched some matching driving shoes for its rear-wheel-drive coupe along with announcing the model's final design was chosen from 100 proposals.

If these tidbits are not enough to ease the wait until the market launch due in 2022, thankfully, we now have more to share. The first official brochure is out, and it didn't take too long for someone to upload the marketing material onto the Nissan Z Club forums. While it's nothing to write home about, the attached images add up to the excitement of finally getting a new Z, some 13 years since the 370Z was unveiled.

Gallery: 2023 Nissan Z brochure

Meanwhile, the folks from Burnt Rubber stumbled upon a prototype of the 2023 Z in downtown Sacramento. We get to see the RWD machine doing a hard launch and struggling a bit for traction at the start. The assistance systems likely kicked in, but once it got off the line, the test vehicle seemed pretty quick. As a refresher, Nissan has said it will be 15 percent quicker to 60 mph than the model it replaces, so it should complete the task in just under five seconds.

If the engine soundtrack sounds a bit familiar, that's because the VR30DDTT is also installed in the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport where it makes an identical 400 bhp (298 kilowatts) and 350 pound-feet (475 Newton-metres). The prototype had the optional nine-speed automatic transmission and we're more curious to find out how the new Z launches with the standard six-speed manual as enthusiasts will likely want the clutch pedal.

With launch control, a mechanical limited-slip differential, and a V6 that has a 6,800 rpm redline, the 2023 Z is shaping up to be a hit, provided that it will carry an attractive price tag. Considering it's a heavy refresh of the 370Z rather than an all-new car, we're keeping our fingers crossed Nissan will keep it relatively affordable.

Even though it hasn't even gone on sale yet, there are already rumours of a meaner Z Nismo expected to arrive in the coming years. The jury is still out on whether the not-for-Europe coupe will once again spawn a roadster body style, which died after the 2019 model year in the US. It was roughly $10,000 more expensive than its fixed-roof sibling, thus making it a tough sell in a declining sports car market.