Even in something as sizeable as a long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, clever use of space is vital for making a good camper van. This new project from UK-based Van Life Builds goes way beyond clever, and as such, it goes way beyond good as well. This could be one of the prettiest, most spacious interiors we've ever seen in a van-based camper, never mind the outside features like hammocks and a massive rooftop terrace.

Believe it or not, this van started life as a former delivery vehicle. The client went to Van Life Builds wanting something with an Icelandic theme, but also something that could serve as a work-away-from-home vehicle and a cozy camper with space to entertain friends. The result is a rather nondescript Sprinter on the outside, but inside is a stunning contrast of dark walnut with white in a warm, organic design that utilises every inch of space. The front seats swivel on a special base to form a sofa that hides the dash, facing a pair of seats that can also convert into a lounge.


The result is face-to-face seating for six people at the very front of the van. Two swivel tables can be set up, creating a big workspace or a dining table large enough for everyone to eat in comfort. A built-in wine rack holds beverages, while the kitchen cooks meals with a two-burner gas stove. There's also a propane hook-up on the outside for setting up a gas grill, and you'll find a small refrigerator under the stove for keeping things cool. Walnut covers for the stove and sink increase countertop space, and there's even a built-in dish rack to hold everything while driving. This van is definitely set up to entertain.

A full bathroom with a compost toilet and shower sits in the middle, and like the rest of the interior, it looks gorgeous. The raised bed sits atop a sizeable garage underneath, but the skylight above the bed is something special. It opens, allowing easy access to the expansive rooftop terrace for open-air relaxation. Or if that's not your style, there are cool hammocks that hang from a bespoke roof rack, dangling just off the ground. An on-board heating system keeps occupants warm on cold nights, and heater vents in the WC and garage help keep things dry.

Honestly, we aren't sure where we'd spend our time with this van. Between the unique outdoor features and the accommodating, luxurious interior, it's pretty much a win-win machine for four-season vacations.