Are you tired of all of the boring sports car exhaust notes out there? Is the shriek of a V10 or the thunder of V8 not cutting it for you anymore? Well, don’t worry because this A90 Toyota Supra owner has a solution for you.

Welcome to the harmonica exhaust tip, the perfect exhaust mod for your car. Now, instead of rattling your neighbour’s windows with a booming exhaust, you can deafen them with the sounds of your straight-6 powered harmonica symphony.

The new A90 Toyota Supra has a great exhaust note from the factory. Of course, noise enjoyment is subject, however, the modern Supra does its best to sound like a sports car should. For this Youtuber, normal wasn’t going to cut it, which lead to the whacky development of his harmonica exhaust system. The build was quite simple and only required a simply metal sleeve to fit over the Supra’s exhaust tips and some harmonicas.

The rest is history, as this new harmonica exhaust setup is ready to change the world of after-market exhausts. Does it sound good? Well, only if you love the shriek of a poorly played harmonica. It’s hard to say how long this setup would last during an actual drive since many of the harmonica’s components are made of plastic. They also seem to restrict exhaust flow which is never good for an engine.

The Supra does use both of its dual exhaust pipes. Upon cold starts, even in sport mode, the Supra will use only one exhaust tip until the engine is fully warmed up. Once the engine is warm both exhausts are used to create the full exhaust effect.

Sports cars are all about having fun and this video is a unique take on enjoying a new Supra. Although it doesn’t follow normal car content it’s still great to see someone enjoying their new Supra.