Lotus continues the barrage of teasers for its upcoming Type 132 SUV. This is the fourth one in the string of short videos coming from the automaker, giving us a taste of what's to come piece by piece.

The latest clip coming from Lotus gives us a first look at its interior. Dubbed Awaken, the footage shows a massive infotainment screen coming to life atop a sloping dashboard that's adorned with contrasting stitches. It follows the black and yellow theme of the brand, though we can expect adjustments on the production unit at launch.

Lotus Type 132 SUV Cabin Teaser

In November alone, Lotus has already released almost a handful of teasers for its upcoming SUV. The first teaser, Breathe, showed what seemed to be active hexagon-shaped lower grille shutters sitting above a carbon-fibre front splitter. The second teaser, See, announced the Type 132's LIDAR setup that will serve as the "the eyes of the car."

The third teaser, Stretch, hints at another active aero bodywork, particularly at the back that shows an active rear spoiler. The automaker said that it will continue "a long history of Lotus pioneering active and aero technologies, dating back to legendary triumphs in Formula 1 and stretching right up to the present day with the 'porous' and aerodynamic design of the Evija hypercar."

Unfortunately, Lotus is quite mum with details about its upcoming Type 132 SUV. Apart from the first four teasers that came out this month, the Geely-owned automaker promised that the SUV should hit 60 miles per hour in around three seconds. Battery options will also range between 92 and 120 kilowatt-hours sizes, while the company touted an "advanced 800-bolt high-speed EV charging system."

The Lotus Type 132 SUV is bound to make its debut in 2022 as the first of its four new electric vehicles in the pipeline. The EV SUV will sit atop one of the company's new platforms.

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