A newly released teaser offers a glimpse of the BMW Concept XM. There aren't many details, but the tweet describes the vehicle as "high performance," "electrified," and "coming soon." The company also hints that the machine might be on display at Art Basel that runs from December 2 through 4 in Miami Beach, Florida.

We believe that this vehicle is BMW's upcoming flagship SUV. While we've previously referred to it as the X8, this teaser has hinted at BMW possibly using XM branding for the model. The automaker has filed trademarks for both XM and X8, leaving both possibilities open. Perhaps X8 is for the standard version and XM is the performance variant.

BMW XM Concept Teaser
BMW XM Concept Teaser
2023 BMW X8 Front View Spy Photo
BMW X8 Front View Spy Photo

The teaser only shows the front end of the Concept XM, but what's visible roughly matches with the appearance in X8 spy shots. There are large grille inlets with an angular outline. The design isn't the outrageously large openings from models like the 4 Series or iX

In spy shots, the X8 has split headlights, but the Concept XM appears to have a single enclosure for the lamps. Both models have tiny running lights, but they have a sharper shape in this teaser.

The Concept XM also has a light strip on each side of the roof. These lamps aren't likely to be on the production model, though. They are a fun design flourish, though.

The tiny inlets in the bonnet near the base of each A-pillar are not visible on the vehicles in spy shots. The openings don't look like they would direct air to any vital components under the bonnet. This makes us think the styling element also might not reach production.

In production form, the XM reportedly has a twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8 with an electric motor adding 200 bhp (149 kilowatts) for a total output of around 750 bhp (559 kW).

A rumour suggests that this concept debuts on November 29. It is allegedly a near-production prototype of what's going on sale, which fits what we are seeing in this teaser in comparison to the spy shots.