Fisker showed what it says is the production-intent version of the Ocean electric SUV during a special venue held on the beach in Manhattan Beach, California USA. The manufacturer didn’t go into detail in regard to what it changed, but we compared older designs with this latest one and we did spot a few modifications.

The Fisker Ocean already looked like it was a production-intent model when it was showed before, so we didn’t really expect it to change that much for its final production form. The big change that we spotted is the illuminated Ocean script right below the Fisker badge, which looks like it was always supposed to be there, but it was only added on this very latest prototype.

Gallery: Fisker Ocean Production Intent Design

In the official press release announcing the reveal of the production-intent model, Fisker also confirms the date - exactly one year from now, November 17, 2022 - when Ocean production is expected to kick off in Austria, where it will be built by Magna-Steyr. Pricing will kick off from $34,799 before incentives, making the Ocean quite the affordable electric crossover.

The manufacturer also explained why the location for the unveiling was not chosen at random - the vehicle itself is called the Ocean and the Fisker badge is apparently inspired by the image of the sun setting into the Pacific ocean.

Henrik Fisker adds that

That’s where the orange and blue come from, with the two vertical lines symbolizing the designer’s pencil and engineer’s ruler - the tools of our trade. My inspiration for the logo happened on a day very much like this one.

Regarding the Ocean’s official unveiling today at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Fisker, which has not announced the vehicle's final production specs, said

We have more than a few surprises in store.