The teasing game for the first-ever production SUV of Lotus continues with another short video. Titled Stretch, the 15-second clip shows a glimpse of the high-riding model’s rear end and its active aerodynamics. The footage creates the overall feeling of a stretching human body, though, obviously, it shows the body of the SUV.

It’s difficult to say what exactly is happening in the video but we believe this is the active rear spoiler of the Type 132. Lotus says the active aero tech in the performance SUV will continue “a long history of Lotus pioneering active and aero technologies, dating back to legendary triumphs in Formula 1 and stretching right up to the present day with the ‘porous’ and aerodynamic design of the Evija hypercar.”

Unfortunately, Lotus is providing very little information about the production version of the Type 132 SUV. We don’t know much at the moment, though we know it will be fully electric and will have batteries with sizes between 92 and 120 kilowatt-hours. The EV SUV will be based on one of the company’s new platforms and will feature what it calls “the most advanced 800-volt high-speed EV charging system.” From empty to 80 percent, the battery will recharge in just about 20 minutes.

The first teaser (see the related links above) for the Type 132 SUV showed active aerodynamics will be used at the front as well, probably improving the airflow and cooling of the batteries. With the second teaser, Lotus confirmed the electric vehicle will feature advanced “pioneering intelligent drive technologies,” which will use a state-of-the-art LIDAR system. 

The Type 132 SUV will be the first of four new electric models planned by Lotus. Following its debut, the British automaker will also release a four-door coupe in 2023 and a larger electric SUV planned for 2024. Then, in 2026, we will see an all-new, all-electric sports car, which will be the final addition to the brand’s EV lineup, at least for now.