The 2022 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia will be a little different next year. The Dakar Rally is planning to be a green event by 2030 where organisers are pushing participants to pursue lower emissions powertrains for their entrants.

The team at Gaussin, a French Hydrogen-powered truck start-up, is bringing their H2 Hydrogen-powered race truck as the first hydrogen-electric vehicle to compete in the event. To see exactly what this truck is made of, the team at Paris Saint-Germain F.C. got behind the wheel to take a look at this next-generation Dakar racer.

As the world continues to march towards alternative sources of fuel, we have the unique opportunity to see companies experiment with new ideas. Gaussin believes that hydrogen-electric trucks are the future and they plan to introduce a lineup of these new generation class 8 trucks very soon. To show how tough and capable their hydrogen-electric drivetrain and skateboard packaging really is, they turned to the torturous world of motorsports.

Since the dawn of motorised cars, motorsports has been a platform to prove who has the most durable and fastest cars on the road. Today things are no different, if a truck can survive the gruelling Dakar Rally across Saudi Arabia then it should have no issue working on paved public roads at legal speeds.


The exterior of the Gaussin H2 was designed by the legends over at Pininfarina, who have created some of the most striking designs of the modern age. Sure the Gaussin H2 is far from the beautifully sculpted bodies of the Italian sports cars Pininfarina is known for, however, this massive truck projects power and capability.

We look forward to seeing the Gaussin H2 take on the 2022 Dakar Rally and look forward to the bright future of rally where new powertrains will be tested to their limits.