Regular readers know we enjoy brilliant overlanding rigs and interesting camper trailers. This curious trailer definitely falls into the realm of interesting, as we don't typically see one based on a marine mammal. And yet, here's the Whale Trailer Cabin with all its expanding sections to make you ponder the finer points of Herman Melville's classic, Moby Dick.

We suspect there are some camping enthusiasts out there who, like the fictional Captain Ahab, might develop an obsession for this clever camper. And why not? In transport mode, this single-axle caravan is compact, easy-to-tow, and the organic shape with gradients of blue over white certainly gives it a whale-like appearance. Whether that sort of thing appeals to you is an individual choice, but nobody will confuse it with the myriad of striped white trailers in the campground.

Gallery: Whale Trailer Cabin By Hu Yong

That's especially true once the Whale Trailer Cabin is configured for camping mode. The entire rear opens up, allowing a slide-out interior to move forward, nearly doubling the living space. A small pop-up roof on the slide section increases headroom, while a large pop-top on the main body increases space even more. A side entrance allows for easy access, a slide-out kitchen allows for outdoor entertainment when the weather is nice, and the rear clamshell can stay open for picturesque views while relaxing inside.

What are the details of this impressive camper? Unfortunately, there aren't any to speak of at this point. It's a concept designed by Hu Yong of China, aimed at camping enthusiasts in the Chinese market. It recently won a Red Dot Design award, and we hear it's in the early development stages for production.

As such, we don't know when it might be available, but if the project does come to fruition, we hope it enters other markets around the globe. Aside from its unique design, it sure looks like an overachieving trailer combining impressive capability in a small size. That's something all camping fans can appreciate.