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Yes, the crazy Lada destroyers car modifiers are back with a new adventure. This time, however, it's not a Lada going under the knife for some bizarre Frankenstein build. It's merely a Lada engine, and when all is said and done, the engine isn't even half of what it used to be. That's because they literally cut the modest mill in half, turning the 64-bhp (48-kilowatt) four-cylinder into a 32-bhp (24-kilowatt) two-cylinder engine. In theory, anyway.

Modified Two Cylinder Engine
Modified Two Cylinder Engine

You see, the point of this mechanical odyssey isn't to simply cut an engine in half. The goal is to have a functional half-engine, and as such, cutting is actually the easy part of this operation. Maintaining structural integrity while providing lubrication and cooling, not to mention some semblance of balance with the rotating bits, is way harder. And yet, after a nifty montage showing everything from the block to the head and crankshaft getting sliced in two, a completed twin-cylinder engine appears. And it actually runs.

But that's only half the video.

The Garage 54 crew couldn't possibly leave well enough alone, so the downsized Lada engine gets connected to a transmission and finds its way back under a Lada bonnet. Or rather, it would if there was an actual bonnet, but such details don't matter. Point being, the mighty little mill runs, but does it have enough power to actually make the Lada functional as a car?

In a word, yes. But that also depends on your definition of a functional car. For example, do you need a car to go uphill? Do you need to reach speeds beyond a brisk walk? Do you need the car to stay running for more than a few minutes? Honestly, considering all the parts in this engine were cut in half and reused, it's super impressive that it even runs. Whether or not it's making 32 bhp is certainly debatable, but hey, such is life in the Garage 54 world.

Now, how about turbocharging this thing? There's certainly room in the engine bay.