The Toyota GR Yaris is an impressive, little hot hatch straight from the factory, but the Australian guys in this video are pushing its 1.6-litre three-cylinder engine as far as possible. As it turns out, the engine can take a lot of tuning while maintaining the stock internals.

On the dyno, this relatively tiny engine is pumping out 472.84 bhp (352.6 kilowatts) at the wheels. In stock form, the factory rates the 1.6-litre mill at 257 hp (192 kW). Factoring in the drivetrain loss, the mill in this video is putting out around double the original output.

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This engine recently received an updated MAP sensor, an upgraded fuel pump, and a surge tank. These parts allowed the tuners to push the output up from the previous output of around 429 bhp (320 kW).

Monitoring the sensors suggests the engine isn't even at the limit yet. There are no coolant, fuel, or oil pressure problems. There's also no detonation or misfires, either.

This engine is still using the stock intake manifold and throttle body. The only major engine change is new valve springs. The intercooler is a bolt-in replacement for the original. Revised camshafts are on the way, though. 

The goal for this Yaris is for it to do a 10-second quarter-mile run. That's not too crazy because the car can already put down a time of 11.723 while making 362 bhp (270 kW). With over 100 bhp more now on tap, it's certainly going to be faster but slicing off a second is going to be a challenge.

Next year, the owner wants to compete with this Yaris in the World Time Attack Challenge clubsprint class.  That will require re-tuning the car to work on a track, rather than for the quarter-mile, which might mean lowering the engine output.