Everyone knows about the DeLorean – or at least those who were able to watch the Back to the Future trilogy, Since the '80s, the sports car has become a cool icon and a part of pop culture. A lot of kids within my generation like to own one, next to the Ferraris and the Lamborghinis. The story's the same with Tom Moceri.

However, Moceri's DMC-12 is more than just a stainless steel wedge with gullwing doors. In fact, his DeLorean was born out of a rendering by Khyzyl Saleem, and its real-life counterpart has been spotted by Kyle Loftis of 1320video at this year's SEMA Show.


Moceri's DeLorean started its life as a banged-up, red-painted example that's ready to be shipped off to a junkyard. It was the cheapest DeLorean at that time, according to Moceri, but through his fabricating company Salvage to Savage, a plan was put in place to restore the sports car back to its former glory.

Moceri decided to do it differently and went for a radical approach, inspired by Saleem's renderings. From the cool light strips upfront down to the LEDs on solid acrylic blocks at the back, this DeLorean is everything but ordinary.

Given that DeLoreans are unreliable and not actually fast, Moceri's unit got an LS engine swap, partnered with two Garrett turbos, Turbo Smart wastegate, and one-off Jg3d intake manifolds. The 5.3-litre V8 mill is mated to a Porsche 996 transmission, which makes this build even more unique – as is the Lexan engine cover, reminiscent of the Ferrari F40.

Sadly, the build was more of a show car, so we're not sure how it performs on the street. Plus given the position of the turbos, it would be quite risky. Moceri said that he isn't done yet with this build, so guess we can expect some modifications to make it street-ready?