Subaru’s first electric vehicle may be a bit stodgy, especially with how similar it looks to the Toyota bZ4x. They’re nearly identical, though Subaru does try to differentiate it. However, Subaru could take another more drastic route by creating a Solterra STI variant. There’s absolutely no indication Subaru will do such a thing, though a new rendering from X-Tomi Design shows us what it could look like – and it looks a lot more like a Subaru.

What’s interesting about the rendering is that there’s not a lot that’s been changed from the standard Solterra the company revealed earlier this week. The chunky plastic around the wheel wells now matches the body colour, while a new Subaru grille insert replaces the generic-looking one. The bonnet is also different, though it’s sporting a ridiculous bonnet scoop, which isn’t needed on an EV, though it does add to the crossover’s sporty appearance.

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A contrasting black roof and lowered ride height make the Solterra look more performance-oriented than the standard model. The black wheels and larger tyres help, too. The black plastic cladding along the bottom of the doors disappears, with a small splitter added to the front bumper, too. It looks like the roof spoiler at the back is a bit more aggressive. A few minor changes to the Solterra really help differentiate it from the Toyota.

The Subaru Solterra and Toyota bZ4x may not have distinct designs, but there’s certainly a lot of potential opportunities for the two to look different. The aftermarket scene could easily offer visual enhancements that could make something like this rendering a reality. The Solterra is the brand’s first electric vehicle, and the company isn’t making bold proclamations about its electrified future, either. So an all-electric STI variant of some new Subaru model is likely still years away.