Alfa Romeo is in desperate need to add another model to its lineup but it won’t arrive until well into 2022. A number of circumstances forced the Italian manufacturer to delay the launch of the highly anticipated Tonale and the brand is yet to announce the exact debut date. However, as a part of its plan to release no fewer than five new models by 2026, Alfa could also introduce a third crossover after the Tonale and Stelvio.

The good news is this is not just speculation as the brand’s CEO Jean-Phillipe Imparato hinted about the potential new high-riding model during a recent interview. Speaking to UK journalists, he said the new product could be positioned below the Tonale, which, in turn, is scheduled to be launched in June next year.

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"I'm convinced if I want to put Alfa Romeo on the safe side of P&L [profit and loss] in 10 years, I must be in the biggest segments in the world. I need to be in the B-SUV segment and C-SUV. Being in the corner doesn't bring any results," Imparato told the media representatives.

It seems that Imparato is talking about a model that is tentatively known as the Brennero. Reports from Italian media from December last year suggested it could be produced in Poland, though nothing has been confirmed since then. Industry specialists believe it could be positioned as a direct competitor for the upcoming small crossover planned by Mini to sit below the Countryman.

Just recently, Imparato also hinted at future battery-powered performance vehicles wearing the Quadrifoglio badge. The former Peugeot boss even said historical nameplates could be revived in the electric era, including the Spider Duetto. As for the Brennero crossover, it could be launched for the 2024 model year if the reports turn out to be true.

Note: Alfa Romeo Tonale rendering used as a lead image.