Eneos is Japan's largest oil company, and for this year's SEMA Show, it brings an E30 BMW 3 Series with an engine swap from a Honda S2000. The company also has a Honda Acty pickup with a matching bike in the back.

This E30 belongs to Formula Drift Pro-class driver Faruk Kugay. He started with a 1985 BMW 318i and ditched the original four-cylinder engine in favour of a Honda F20C mill out of an S2000 making 240 bhp (179 kilowatts). He built it as a way to have something comparable to an E30-generation M3 but likely at a far lower cost.

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There are a few additional mods, too. The engine breathes through an AEM intake and Borla stainless steel cat-back exhaust. There's also a custom wiring harness and tucked radiator to make the 2000s Honda powerplant work in the 1980s BMW. The mill runs through the S2000's six-speed gearbox, and there's a limited-slip differential at the rear. This setup remains CARB legal.

The car wears a Pandem V1.5 widebody kit with an E30 M3 Evo 2 rear wing and a carbon-fibre roof panel. The extra width allows for fitting 17-inch Rotiform wheels that are 9.5 inches wide in front and 11 inches wide at the back. The suspension uses KW Variant 3 coilovers, and the brakes are from an E36 M3. There's also a reinforced body with a four-point internal roll bar. 

Honda Acty Three Quarters

The other Honda-powered machine that Eneos has a SEMA is a little Acty kei truck (above) that belongs to Neil Tjin from Tjin Edition. The tiny pickup has a sporty look from a new front bumper, wheel arch flares, a spoiler at the rear of the cab, and a larger, metal spoiler on the tailgate. All of the lighting now uses LEDs.

The body receives a custom Seafoam green colour and yellow-painted 13-inch wheels. Inside, there are sport seats with yellow upholstery.

To match the Honda, there's a customised Super73-ZX electric bicycle. It has a Seafoam green frame and yellow pieces for the wheels and seats.