Kanye West is apparently heading westward from Wyoming to California and has a few vehicles to unload before making the trip. TMZ is reporting that the rapper and music producer sold several of his Ford SUVs and pickup trucks back to his local dealer, and those vehicles are now up for auction through Musser Bros. Auctions and Real Estate. Check them out if you’re in the market for a matching matte-black fleet for your growing entourage.

The six vehicles – four pickups and two SUVs – feature the same matte black wrap, though you’ll be disappointed if you were hoping for some wildly tricked-out vehicles from West. The vehicles are mostly stock on the inside, including the pair of F-150 Raptor pickups. One is a 2019 model with 35,234 miles, while the other is from 2018 with 32,913 miles. Both use Ford’s 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6.

Gallery: Kanye West Auctions Ford Vehicle Fleet

Also up for auction are two Ford Expedition SUVs and two F-Series Super Duty trucks – an F-250 XLT and an F-350 Lariat. The limited modifications make these vehicles appealing to a wide range of potential buyers who may want one of the vehicles regardless of its celebrity pedigree. These are used, too. The two Super Duty trucks have about 80,000 miles each on the odometer, though they are the oldest in the fleet – 2017 and 2016 model years.

The Expeditions are the newest, with one, the XLT Max sporting just under 3,000 miles. Its current bid sits at $46,750. West’s 2018 Raptor has the highest bid right now at $53,515. If those are a bit too pricy, the celebrity’s 2016 F-350 current bid sits at $26,750. West’s other Expedition – a Limited – is the most popular with 118 bids. Those prices will likely climb over the coming month as the auction will remain open on all six vehicles until November 23.