For the Lamborghini enthusiast who wants to take his or her passion for the brand to the water, RM Sotheby's is preparing to auction a championship-winning speedboat with two Lambo V12 engines for power. The vessel's name is Miura, just like the Italian brand's famous supercar.

The company Cantieri Uniti Viareggio built this 38-foot aluminium monohull boat. It originally came with two V8 powerplants, but a pair of Lamborghini V12s replaced them early in the vehicle's life. Each of these engines makes 720 bhp (537 kilowatts), which is plenty of power for speeding over the water.

Gallery: 1984 CUV Offshore Class 1 Miura Lamborghini Speedboat

In 1984, Alberto Petri piloted this boat to a Union Internationale Motonautique European Championship. He also helped builder Cantieri Uniti Viareggio score a World Championship that year. Petri raced the speedboat as a privateer in 1985.

It's worth noting that the Lamborghini V12s for marine use are not identical to the road-going ones. Depending on the version, the displacement could be around 8.0 or even 9.0 litres. Put several of these engines in a speedboat, and you effectively get a supercar on the water.

This boat has some especially neat styling touches that make it a bit more special. There's a painting of an Italian flag on one side that's gently chipping away to give the craft some patina. Another image shows a ram in racing overalls holding a helmet. There's also one with a logo proclaiming the world championship win.

The cockpit of the craft looks straight out of a midcentury, multi-engine aircraft. There are lots of gauges, switches, and buttons. The new owner needs to be very familiar with this type of watercraft to know what to do and avoid damaging the powertrain.

RM Sotheby's doesn't offer an estimate for the auction price, but it goes on the block on November 19. The sale includes a transport trailer for the boat and a Cantieri Uniti Viareggio 25th anniversary book.