For years, Ben Collins had the best of both worlds. He enjoyed living the automotive high life as The Stig on Top Gear, but as the tame racing driver behind the helmet, he also enjoyed the anonymity that so many famous people crave. These days, he's still very much embedded in the automotive realm because let's be honest – Bugatti doesn't hand the key to a 1,577-bhp, 273-mph, £2.75-million Chiron Super Sport to just anyone.

Fortunately, Collins takes us along for the ride through this video from DriveTribe. It's not the first time we've seen the insanely powerful Bugatti in action, but with a seasoned racing driver like Collins behind the wheel, one gains a different perspective of just how deceptively fast – and how demanding – the car can be when pushed on a public road.

Actually, we're not entirely sure the Chiron was pushed that hard. We certainly see Collins exercising the Bugatti through corners, but he makes more than a few remarks about being very careful with the throttle, lest the rear should step out. At one point he confesses to not fully planting the accelerator during the mountain drive, and when he finally does, an expletive slips out and honestly, he looks a bit nervous at the same time. The Stig? Nervous? That's the power of the Chiron Super Sport.

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Still, it's better than his passenger. Bugatti's famous test driver and racing legend Andy Wallace accompanied Collins on the drive. Mind you, this is a man who actually drove the Super Sport beyond 300 mph, but the perspective from the passenger seat is a bit different. Apparently, that's especially true when the Stig is behind the wheel, as Wallace "thanks" Collins for scaring the living daylights out of him. It could've been some fun talk for the camera, but seeing how Wallace grips his seat belt later in the clip, we suspect there's some legitimate concern.

Then again, if we were in the passenger seat of a 1577-bhp car on a mountain road with the Stig behind the wheel, we'd be a bit concerned, too. Not Hammond-level scared, but certainly on edge.