The Tesla Cybertruck’s production start date has recently been delayed to late 2022 (more likely early 2023 for volume production), but the public’s excitement for the unconventional electric pickup continues to stay strong.

A recent video of a Cybertruck prototype featuring side mirrors and rear-wheel steering proved to be highly popular on this website (and elsewhere), and chances are this Cybertruck promotional video coming from Tesla itself will draw some attention.

The minute-long official teaser was shared online by EV advocate Harsimran Bansal, who happened to record it while visiting one of Tesla’s showrooms. Picked up by Teslarati, the video shows the Cybertruck in both urban and rural environments, as well as on the premises of the unfinished Giga Texas plant where it will be manufactured. 

It’s safe to say that the Cybertruck looks like it’s from another planet in pretty much every setting, including in a wheat field where it performs some drifts or when it treats the Austin factory worksite like it’s some kind of high-speed off-road course.


If you happen to like the Cybertruck, never mind if you’re a reservation holder, this video will definitely get you pumped up. You’ll find it hard to believe that these scenes were shot with an actual vehicle and not a computer-generated one—that’s the effect the Cybertruck’s striking design has on the way our eyes perceive reality.

Seeing this video will probably make you understand Elon Musk’s comments on how the Cybertruck looks almost unreal and how it’s essentially CGI in real life. Now, take a minute to imagine how our roads will look when they will be populated with Cybertrucks.

We’ll have to wait at least a year for customer deliveries to begin, but it will probably be worth the wait. Until then, you should know that vehicle development continues, with Tesla recently announcing that it is making progress with the Cybertruck’s “industrialisation,” having already begun the casting of the electric pickup’s initial exoskeleton.

The carmaker has also confirmed it has built several Alpha prototypes to test features as well as improve and mature the design. About the last part, the Cybertruck featured in this video doesn't seem any different from the prototype unveiled in November 2019. Judging by the latest Cybertruck sighting, expect the production model to bring several modifications, including slightly altered proportions, staggered wheels, side mirrors, windscreen wipers, daytime running lights, and more.