What does it take to build a tank? For this Youtuber, a used Mitsubishi Delica Van and some impressive wood carving skills are all it took to live out their battle tank dreams.

When your son dreams of owning a tank, dads have the opportunity to get creative and build something that will blow their minds. This ridiculous build sees a used Mitsubishi van transformed into a very convincing battle tank thanks to one singular vision and extensive modifications.

The inspiration for this build comes from a father-son duo playing the popular online war game World of Tanks. This game sees online competitors battle it out in various types of armoured vehicles from the WWII era. Youtuber ND – Woodworking Art and his son are clearly avid fans as it inspired them to transform a Mitsubishi Van into a working EBR 105 from the world of tanks game.

The EBR 105 was a wheeled French reconnaissance vehicle designed to move quickly while packing strong firepower. The EBR 105 uses 8 wheels in total. The front and rear on either side were rubber tyres that used nitrogen cells to keep them from going flat under enemy fire. The middle two wheels on either side were metal wheels that aid in all-terrain grip. The EBR 105 used its rubber tyres on easy terrain to keep speeds up and only relied on the additional metal wheels when things got rough. This meant on smooth asphalt the EBR 105 could reach speeds of around 62 mph.

The EBR 105 never saw large-scale military service but has recently gained popularity thanks to the World of Tanks video game. Now the world can enjoy the unique EBR 105 design through the construction of this mobile wood carving.