For fans of the Skoda brand and its bid to the World Rally Championship, the 200 RS should definitely ring a bell. The rally racing legend had an unfortunate life – before the Czech company could set up the Skoda 200 RS for the 1974 and 1975 seasons, the rules changed, which prompted the automaker to change its strategy and introduce the 130 RS. The rest, as they say, became history.

But that doesn't mean the 200 RS would be forgotten into oblivion. Daniel Petr, one of the longest-serving members of the Skoda design department, remakes the forgotten racing special for the 21st century.

Gallery: Icons Get a Makeover Series: Skoda 200 RS

The project, of course, is part of Skoda's own 'Icons Get a Makeover' series. We've featured two designs from the series before – the Skoda Vampire Mobile and the Skoda 1203 Camper Van. This time, it's Petr's turn, who apparently has a deep involvement in designing Skoda cars for motorsports. He's also the author of the Octavia WRC special's design.

For his modern interpretation of the 200 RS, Petr created a totally different approach to design, saying that he "didn’t want the car to look like the original at first glance." He did preserve the white and red graphics, though, which obviously harks back to the original 200 RS livery.

Despite looking like a totally different modern car – with the triangular LED headlights, air intake on the roof, distinctive rear-view mirrors, and large rear diffuser – the modern 200 RS still nods to the past with distinctive details. These include the graphics on the side windows, the radiator grille, the rear spoiler, and the golden wheels.

They aren't all charged to aesthetics, though. Petr said that he designed the modern 200 RS with functionality in mind. "

I thought about the engine and brake cooling, for example, the aerodynamic elements, the overall ergonomics of the car," he said.