Versatility is a key component of most camper vans, which often have to make do with a limited amount of space. Camper vans often omit some more luxurious features, like a shower, for the essentials, like a stove and fridge. The new Southvan Allrounder that debuted at this year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon tries to do a bit of everything without compromising the number of sleepers or the number of passengers.

The van, a Ford Transit Custom, which is a smidge larger than the Transit Connect, can accommodate up to nine passengers and four sleepers, depending on the configuration. What makes the Allrounder so versatile is the rails system embedded in the floor, which allows for easy installation and removal of the seats. However, Southvan, a German company, doesn’t install just any seat. The seats are more narrow than the vehicle, allowing for a storage section next to the seats. A narrow rear bench seat and an additional jumper are standard, with an additional three-row bench available to seat the full nine people.

Gallery: Southvan Allrounder

The narrow bench means the bed is narrower than usual, though the pop-up roof tent sleeps up to two more people. Another crucial part of the Allrounder’s versatility is its swing-out kitchen, which can be used inside or outside the vehicle. It’s available in two styles, with the top-tier offering packing in a fridge, a portable power station, and a sink. The cheaper unit lacks the power station and outlets, though it does come with a larger fridge located below the counter.

The Southvan Allrounder packs in a lot, though with all small spaces, there are compromises, and this one is no different. The rear seats are far from the roomiest, likely best suited for children and smaller adults, but the van’s versatility is its stand-out feature. You can take the family for a weekend away or store your motorcycle inside and sleep above it for a different type of adventure.