Why does the BMW 2 Series Coupe look the way it does? Well, why don’t we ask its designer Jose Casas who is the man in charge of the BMW 2 Series’s new look? In this interesting interview with BMW Blog, we get the unique opportunity to hear about the 2 Series’s design right from the person who penned the final sheet metal. So let’s learn how the brand new BMW 2 Series came to be.

When it comes to modern BMW design the biggest question surrounds the massive kidney grilles found on the BMW 3 and 4 Series. Casas explains that the BMW 2 Series is a compact car and the larger grilles do not fit the character of the smaller 2 Series. That’s why the team decided to use more traditional BMW grille design specs. These smaller grilles also match better with the 2 Series’s headlights which follow the same shape pattern and give this car a cohesive front-end design.

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The interesting thing about the design philosophy of the BMW M240i comes down to two elements. First, the base car is already a very sporty and expressive design which means the team had to work very hard to differentiate the M240i. Second, most of the design work was added to make the M240i feel and look like a more compact car.

The BMW M240i Coupe is only 6.7-inches shorter than the BMW 3 Series saloon and 0.5-inches wider, so emphasising a compact design is a tall order. For BMW the 2 Series coupe is a true enthusiast car for a customer seeking a smaller BMW that’s driver-focused. This ethos leads the design process the create a car that looks compact and sporty without being a full-on BMW M car.