The new Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the hottest vehicles on the global SUV market. If you order today, chances are high you’ll have to wait approximately a year to get your copy. We expect the demand to keep growing in the coming years, and there could be additional derivatives joining the range to further boost the interest. Among these versions, there could be a long-wheelbase model for those looking for extra interior space.

Our pals at also had the idea of a longer Land Cruiser, and the renderings attached below depict an SUV that has more room for the rear passengers. One of the very few cons of the new Land Cruiser that we discovered during our test drive of the model was the somewhat cramped legroom for long-legged passengers at the back. The virtual elongated variant also deals with another issue of the rear seats, or the need for a more relaxing seating position.

Gallery: 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser LWB rendering

From the outside, there are just minor giveaways that this is actually a longer Land Cruiser. Everything from the nose to the B-pillar remains unchanged, but the rear doors are a tad bigger and the C-pillar has a different design. More importantly, the area behind that pillar is now longer with this being visible mostly by the rear overhang. 

Another design tweak that differentiates the actual Land Cruiser from its digitally enhanced brother is the LED strip that connects the taillights at the back. The inspiration for this design element, the folks from explain, comes from the new Toyota Mirai which features a similar stylish LED bar. Other than that, the Land Cruiser LWB looks exactly like the model that is available at Toyota’s showrooms outside of Europe and the United States.

For those interested in buying the tech of the new Land Cruiser, Lexus will soon have the new LX 600 on sale in the US. It features the same powertrain and off-road equipment but hidden under a more luxurious skin with additional interior features.