Earlier this week, Foxconn, yes, the Apple iPhone maker, introduced three electric vehicles. There was the Model C compact crossover, the Model T bus, and the Model E saloon. The saloon was designed in collaboration with Pininfarina, the famous Italian design house. The debut didn't reveal too much of the car, though a new video on the official Pininfarina YouTube channel gives a quick overview of the car, including a peek inside.

The exterior design is striking, with "smart surfaces" on the front and rear fascias and the door. These allow the car to interact with the environment, displaying "Hello" or directing a bicyclist. It's designed as a luxury vehicle, with strong, bold lines and an elegant lighting signature.

Gallery: Foxtron Model E

According to Pininfarina, the Model E, which is branded as a Foxtron, delivers 750 bhp (559 kilowatts) while hitting 62 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in a claimed 2.8 seconds. It offers a range of 750 kilometres (435 miles).

Inside, an elegant, wrap-around design extends from the front doors, through the pillar, and onto the rear doors. There's facial recognition as you approach, though the central piece is the wrap-around screens containing the instrument cluster, the infotainment screen, and an additional screen to the driver's left—which looks home to the side-view camera stuck on the doors.

Details remain slim on many of the car's features, but what the company has shown looks impressive. The Model E and the company's other two electric vehicles are scheduled to go on sale sometime in 2023. We don't expect any of the three to make it to Europe, or anywhere else for that matter. The new model will likely be exclusive to Taiwan for now, unless those Apple Car rumours turn out to be true. A privacy-focused EV with all the latest bells and whistles sounds like a win in our book.