What's weirder than a Dodge Charger with four scissor doors? Well, how about a Dodge Charger with four scissor doors wide open while cruising.

That's exactly what you're witnessing here. Jeff Borders, a car enthusiast from Radcliff, Kentucky, was recently caught on camera while driving his 2010 Dodge Charger. While that's really not news-worthy, what made the encounter special was that he was driving while his scissor doors are open.

To be fair, open scissor doors, which open upward instead of sideward, are safer than open regular doors as they don't add width. Then again, we're not saying that this is just a regular happenstance. It actually qualifies as one of the weirdest things we've seen lately.

True enough, his footage was posted by 1320Video on Facebook where it already accumulated almost half a million views at the time of this writing. Talk about being viral.

The video saw different reactions from Facebook users. Some were livid about the customisation, while some aren't exactly taking things seriously.

Interestingly, Borders doesn't seem to give a single care whether people love or hate his daily driver. In fact, he's the one who tipped us about his crazy ride. For his haters, Borders had this to say:

Some love it, Some hate it, But in my Dodge Charger, I can always say I made it.

In the question as to whether what he did was illegal or not, Borders has an interesting story to share, courtesy of The News-Enterprise:

He said one day, he was at a gas station in town when he struck up a conversation with a police officer. He asked Borders if he had ever driven around with the doors open.

Borders said he didn’t know he was allowed to do that, and the officer said it would be fine since Jeeps also have open doors. Since then, he has done it a few times and he enjoys feeling the air as he drives around. He also said he hasn’t been pulled over for it.

Of note, Borders is currently working on a 1973 International Harvester Travelall. We just hope he's not planning to add scissor doors to the classic estate.