An astonishing video shows the chaotic scene when an Amtrak train strikes a stricken car transporter near Thackerville, Oklahoma USA. Five of the train passengers suffered minor injuries and needed to go to the hospital, according to the Fire Department of Love County. The transporter driver and his dogs were not hurt, but the Love County Sheriff described them as "shaken up."

Judging from the video, the train is moving very quickly when it strikes the car hauler. The impact launches several vehicles high into the air, and the trailer explodes in shards of shrapnel. Afterward, vehicles are everywhere, including one on the tracks. Another one is smashed hard enough to be an unrecognisable heap of twisted metal.

Gallery: Amtrak Train Hits Car Hauler

The instigating incident for the crash was when the car transporter became high centred on the train tracks and was unable to get out of the way, according to the fire department. In the video, you can see a person jumping and trying to get the train conductor's attention. After the crash, this person runs to the truck. It's not clear, but this might be the driver.

The collision was hard enough to cause the front of the locomotive to derail. This resulted in damage to the rail bed.

Amtrak hired local school buses to transport the train's occupants to hotels in the area. For people who were going to nearby destinations, the company charted vehicles to take folks where they were going. The company later uncoupled the locomotive and transported some passengers to Fort Worth, Texas.

Pictures also show the damage inside the train's passenger car. The collision was hard enough to break windows and twist the upper storage area.

The fire department said that it had people on the scene for 5.5 hours. The photos show wrecked cars littering the area around the tracks, requiring extensive recovery.