Ineos Automotive announced that it will begin the production of the Grenadier SUV in July 2022. However, that timeline isn't reserved for the petrol and diesel-powered version of the formidable off-roader.

According to a recent release, Ineos will also be making the Grenadier Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) Concept, a hydrogen-powered car which will begin on- and off-road testing by the end of 2022. This is part of the company's aim to back hydrogen as a clean energy solution for future versions of the vehicle.

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The Grenadier FCEV Concept's fuel cell technology will, of course, come from the FCEV pioneer Hyundai through a partnership agreement signed in November 2020. The announcement comes as a confirmation to a previous report from last year, hinting at the said move by the automaker.

It's worth noting that Ineos is one of the world's largest chemical companies, making around 300,000 tonnes of hydrogen a year as a by-product of other chemical manufacturing. Ineos also has the subsidiary Inovyn, which specialises in electrolysis to produce hydrogen for things like power generation and transportation.

That said, Ineos said that it will continue to prioritise the production of green hydrogen, which is made from water using electrolysis powered by renewable energy. However,  the company is also investing in the production of blue hydrogen where the carbon produced can be safely captured and stored underground.

However, Ineos Chairman Jim Ratcliffe implores a warning to the UK government:

The issue is that industry can only do so much, and the UK government must start to invest in the development of our hydrogen infrastructure to allow the gas to be much more widely used. At the moment, we are massively lagging behind Europe and the gap is starting to grow.